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Lightweight and practical, it means that cyclists do not have to look over their shoulder to check for an oncoming vehicle or another cyclist at a glance. So everyone can concentrate on their effort.
Founded in France in 2015, THE BEAM offers cyclists, accessories suitable for optimising cyclists' safety, from lights to mirrors to bells or reflective stickers. Thanks to its mastery of graphic design, CAD and polymers, the brand has established itself as a key player in the field of cycling safety accessories. Today, it offers a universal mirror for glasses, the Corky X.
Thebeam - Lightweight and easy to install, the Corky X fits all cycling glasses on the market
Thebeam Corky X, a universal safety solution

Designed in France and manufactured in South Korea, the Corky X is a light mirror that fits on the left side of the bicycle (or running) glasses. Universal and practical, it should allow cyclists to look behind without having to turn their head over their shoulder. Its design will remind style and technology enthusiasts of the famous Google Glass.

Universally adaptable to any pair of glasses, it can be installed in a few seconds, optimising safety without compromising comfort.

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