Stay safe while on your bike

Our products push the limits to provide a blend of maximum functionality and minimum interference with your riding, with the design team receiving international recognition with a prestigious Red Dot Award.

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Security, Design, Functionality

THE BEAM ensures your safety without compromising look or performance.

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A rear view to look ahead

Choose between the road bike or the mountain bike version

Simply cork your drop bars

Open caps

Simply close the lids

to keep mirrors safe and sound


The 1st. Universal Rear-view Cycling Mirror

Wheel Flash

High visibility bike reflectors

Frame Flash

High visibility bike reflectors

Designed for cyclists, by cyclists.

Conceptualized in France & manufactured in South Korea

WHEEL & FRAME FLASH - High Visibility Bike Reflectors

There's Darkness in life, and there's light, BEAM your own light!

Increase your visibility

360° reflectivity day and night

Aerodynamic design

Help minimize air resistance

Recommended by GCN

Endorsed by the Global Cycling Network team 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Test by the best!

Used and recommended by the Explorer & Founder of the #bikingman_ultra race 🇫🇷 Axel Carion

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Put to the test!

Endorsed by the Normandie cycling team

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